About Fluidapps Description

Fluidapps seamless combines an integrated development and application environment that can create rich, robust and scalable enterprise applications using a natural and simplistic point-and-click approach. Application development and usage is combined within a single environment for high productivity.

  • Introduction to Fluidapps

    Introduction to Fluidapps

    Fluidapps is a new and innovative way to develop custom enterprise software applications over the web using a simple, intuitive and flexible approach. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can develop applications in Fluidapps.

  • Simple, Intuitive, Flexible and Powerful

    Simple, Intuitive, Flexible and Powerful

    The idea behind Fluidapps is to provide an incredibly simple, intuitive, flexible and powerful enterprise application development and deployment environment, which will reduce the size and complexity of software; delivering a truly productive, fluid and agile development and enhancement environment.

  • Completion of the Spreadsheet

    Completion of the Spreadsheet

    The business community has had a love affair with the spreadsheet since its inception. The product is simple, intuitive and very versatile. However, spreadsheets are often pressed into business situations that far exceeds their capability. There are serious limitations and in a way the spreadsheet was never completed. Fluidapps completes the spreadsheet.

  • Rapid Enterprise Automation

    Rapid Enterprise Automation

    Fluidapps is a truly rapid enterprise automation tool and not just another rapid application development tool. Instead of rapidly generating volumes of complicated, rigid and buggy code, Fluidapps rapidly address the needs of the enterprise in a direct, fluid and agile manor.