Market Position Overview

Fluidapps is positioned in the software development market as the ultimate solution to the development of enterprise applications by providing a simplified, flexible and powerful development and deployment platform.

  • The Gap in the Market

    The Gap in the Market

    Since the inception of the spreadsheet, there has been a significant gap between the spreadsheet and development tools. Fluidapps Fills the Gap between Spreadsheets and Development Tools.

  • Monolithic Applications

    Monolithic Applications

    The enterprise software industry is currently ruled by rigid monolithic applications. The technology behind Fluidapps will set a course towards small and flexible enterprise applications.

  • What Makes a Killer App

    What Makes a Killer App

    Over the past 30 years, there have been several successful “killer apps”. These “Killer apps” share common characteristics. Fluidapps has the same characteristics.

  • Value Proposition and ROI

    Value Proposition and ROI

    Fluidapps will provide an impressive value proposition and ROI in the industry with a design to deliver simplicity, consistency, flexibility and the power to deliver robust enterprise applications.

  • Market Frustrations

    Market Frustrations

    User frustrations within the enterprise software market are on the rise. Applications have become too big, too complicated, too rigid and way too expensive. Companies are getting crushed under the weight of these applications.

  • No Equal in the Market

    No Equal in the Market

    The enterprise software industry is a $50 billion market with a large variety of software development methods to address the market demands. Unfortunately, all of these methods do not address the primary problems. The patented technology behind Fluidapps is positioned to address these problems.