Product Overview

Fluidapps was designed from the front-end back to deliver simplicity, consistency, flexibility and a truly intuitive, relational navigation environment with the power to address all business activities. To satisfy these tough design requirements, a new and innovative software technology was developed and patented.

  • Design Drivers

    Design Drivers

    A list of design drivers was originally written to provide a clear and concise definition of the primary objectives for the Fluidapps design. These design drivers lead to the discovery and patent of the technology behind the application.

  • Design Challenge

    Design Challenge

    The design challenge behind Fluidapps was to resolve the opposing objectives of simplicity, flexibility and power. The solution lay in the idea of developing a single device for all business navigational activities.

  • Data Views

    Data Views

    The Data View is the primary point of all development and business activities. This is what makes Fluidapps simple, consistent and intuitive, because the same device is used for all user navigation activities.

  • Data View Creation

    Data View Creation

    Data view creation is a simple point-and-click process, where a new data view may be defined or an existing data view may be copied and altered. The definition of columns within a data view is as easy as defining columns in a spreadsheet.

  • Singular Polymorphic Software

    Singular Polymorphic Software

    The Fluidapps product was developed using a new and innovative patented technology called “Singular Polymorphic Software” (SPS). True SPS technology is unique to Fluidapps. However, a few aspects of SPS design have been in use for decades in the software industry.

  • Technology Overview

    Technology Overview

    The proprietary technology behind Fluidapps resolves the leading problems with most business applications, regarding the size, complexity, rigidity and excessive use of system resources, by combining all user interface and data management activities into a single device.